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About This Site

My name is Tim Sheehan. I created this website to share various papers and pathfinders I have authored. This site has not been peer-reviewed. All are for your review. Should you find that I have made any mistakes, please feel free to contact me via e-mail. I assure you that I have made every effort to properly cite my sources.

About the Author:
The Education of a History Nut

I had some great history teachers in high school who made classes fun and educational. Their enthusiasm sparked my interest in history. However, I never envisioned myself embracing historical research. I aspired to be either a writer of fiction, a stockbroker, or a bartender. Those were the crossroads I considered traveling upon my high school graduation.

I decided to attend Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY. I obtained a great education from Marist. There, I caught the history bug. Researching and writing history papers became my obsession. After I graduated from Marist, I decided to obtain a Master of Arts in History.

I attended Providence College. I also worked at the American Antiquarian Society in order to make ends meet. AAS was a great place to work. I had access to an amazing wealth of history sources, allowing me to get comfortable in the historical research process. I also benefited from graduate school at PC. My craft in writing scholarly research papers slowly but surely developed.

After I graduated from Providence, I realized that working in libraries suited me best. I love helping people find information. Yet, I never gave up on historical research. After a few years enjoying life after graduate school, I finally accepted the fact that one needs a Master of Library Science degree in order to be considered a full-fledged librarian. As a result, I enrolled in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston. While a student at Simmons, I worked and volunteered at various public and academic libraries in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. After receiving my MLS degree, I worked as a Reference/Young Adult Librarian and as a Library Director. I now serve as the Reference & Technical Services Librarian at the Lebanon NH Libraries. I’m completely satisfied with my two graduate degrees and have absolutely no intention on obtaining a third!

In my spare time, I continue to read and write about history. It may sound like work to some, but it is pure enjoyment to me. I am a history nut!

I hope you enjoy my work. More papers will appear over the years. Please feel free to contact/follow me via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, or Twitter should you have any questions/comments.